ASUS MK241H LCD Monitor Seamlessly Integrates Real-time Communications with Full HD 1080P Enjoyment 2008/06/24

Catering to users who wish to enjoy full HD enjoyment and engaging real-time video communications, the ASUS MK241H LCD monitor features native HDMI input for Full HD 1080p video playback; and has a built-in 1.3 Mega-pixel webcam and array microphones to deliver the best video and audio online communication experiences. It also utilizes the exclusive Color Rich Technology for enhanced higher-color-gamut video performance with 130% extra color space.

Full HD 1080P Visual Enjoyment with HDMI Interface

The MK241H is equipped with 1920x1200 (WUXGA) 16:10 high-resolution panels and a HDMI connection and allows delivery of multi-channel audio and uncompressed digital video through a single cable for full HD 1080p video playback of PS3, XBOX360 and Blu-ray / HD DVD players.

Integrating Video Conference Facilities into the Display

The MK241H is the world's first 24"W LCD monitor with built-in complete video-conference facilities that include a built-in rotatable 1.3 mega-pixel webcam, a MIC-Array device, stereo speakers and a earphone jack. This setup is perfect for users who like to conduct face-to-face live conversations with friends or online game partners without the hassle of external connections.

What's more, both the build-in webcam and the microphones are plug-and-play, and there isn't a need to install extra drivers. Also, the adoption of the MIC-Array Technology combines the functions of beam forming, ambient noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation to deliver the best voice clarity. Users can even have fun with ASUS' bonus imaging software – LifeFrame2, to capture, store, edit and manage photos, videos, and voices with ease.

Advanced Video Technologies for Exceptional Visuals

The MK241H adopts various ASUS exclusive technologies to deliver superb images. These include: Color Rich Technology for higher-color-gamut video performance with 130% extra color space; the user-friendly Aspect Control function to allow users to select a preferred display mode among Full, 4:3 and 1:1(dot-to-dot) for true-to-life Full HD 1080p gaming or movie watching without any data loss or image distortion; Trace Free Technology that delivers 2ms Quick Response Time (gray-to-gray) for smooth video display without any ghosting; ASCR (ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio) Technology that automatically adjusts the luminance of the backlight for better displays according to the image contents, and improves the contrast ratio to 3000:1 – resulting in more realistic depictions of night scenes during games or movies; and Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology, which delivers optimized video performance with intelligent color, brightness, contrast and sharpness corrections, as well as 5 video preset modes and 3 skin-tone selections to suit the users' preferences.