UTM Content Security Gateway

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The innovation of the Internet has created a tremendous worldwide opportunities for e-business and information sharing, however, it also brings network security problems. The request of information security becomes the primary concern for the enterprises. To fulfill the demand, PLANET introduces the UTM Content Security Gateway CS-2001, the next generation of CS-2000, to support the enterprises build up the secure network protection. For further IP compatibility, it supports IPv6 as well.

The CS-2001 adopts Heuristics Analysis to filter spam and virus mails, and its auto-training system can increase the identify rate of spam. The built-in 500GB Hard Disk can store the spam mail in quarantine. The Anti-Virus application has dual virus scan engines - Clam and Sophos to detect viruses, worms and other threats from E-mails and Internet. It helps the administrators to monitor the mail status easily by providing mail reports by Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.

Besides filtering spam and virus mail, the CS-2001 presents the IDP and firewall functions to defense hackers and blaster attacks from Internet or Intranet. The comprehensive functions in one device provide enterprises security solutions and better secure environment than ever.
The CS-2001 supports most of popular security features including Content Blocking to block specific URL, Scripts, IM/P2P program, Authentication, IPSec, PPTP VPN server/Client, SSL VPN, QoS, High Availability, Inbound Load-Balancing and etc. Furthermore, it provides higher performance with all Gigabit Ethernet interfaces which offer faster speeds for your network applications. The user defined interfaces provide flexible requirement for the network nowadays, and multiple WAN interfaces enable the CS-2001 to support Outbound/Inbound load balance and WAN fail-over features. As the result, the VPN not only can configure Trunk mode but also provide VPN fail-over and load balance features which is a VPN redundant mechanism to keep the VPN always alive.

Key Features

• All Gigabit user defined Interface:
The CS-2001 not only supports all Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to provide higher performance but is also able to be defined the interface role for your network environment.

• IPv6 :
IPv6 is designed to success the IPv4 version. The CS-2001 implements the new IP version for further compatibility of network environment.

• Anti-Spam Filtering:
Multiple defense layers (Spam Fingerprint, Blacklist & Whitelist, Bayesian Filtering, Spam Signature, Graylist, Checking sender account and IP address in RBL), and Heuristics Analysis help to block over 95% of spam mails. Customizable notification options and spam mail report are provided for administrators. Varied actions to spam mails include Delete, Deliver, Forward and Store in the quarantine. It also has built-in auto-training system to improve the identify rate of spam mails substantially.

• Anti-Virus Protection:
Built-in dual virus scan engines can detect viruses, worms and other threats from email transfer and can scan mission-critical content protocols, SMTP and POP3 in real time to provide maximum protection. It provides customizable notification options and virus mail report for administrators. Varied actions to virus mails include Delete, Deliver, Forward and Store in the quarantine.

• Anti-Virus for HTTP, FTP, P2P, IM, NetBIOS: The CS-2001 can filter the virus from various protocols. The virus pattern can be updated automatically or manually.

• VPN Connectivity:
The CS-2001 supports several VPN features -- IPSec VPN, SSL VPN and PPTP server/client. The VPN Tunnel with DES / 3DES / AES encryption and SHA-1 / MD5 authentication provides secure network traffic over public Internet. VPN Wizard helps the administrators to configure VPN settings easily.

SSL VPN allows users to easily establish VPN connections for transferring the data by SSL encryption via web browser without the need of any software or hardware installation.

• VPN Trunk:
VPN trunk function provides VPN load balance and VPN fail-over feature to keep the VPN connection more reliable.

• Content Filtering:
The CS-2001 can block network connection based on URLs, Scripts (The Pop-up, Java Applet, cookies and Active X), P2P (eDonkey, Bit Torrent, WinMX and more), Instant Messaging (MSN, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, QQ, Skype and Google Talk) and Download / Upload. If there are update versions of P2P or IM software in client side, the CS-2001 will detect the difference and update the Content Filtering pattern to renew the filtering mechanism.

• IDP:
Built-in IDP function can detect the intrusions and prevent the network from Hacker attacks, Anomaly Flow and Signatures from the Internet. The CS-2001 provides three kinds of the signatures to complete the intrusion detection system, and users can select to configure "Anomaly", "Pre-defined" and "Custom" according to the current environment request.

• Policy-Based Firewall:
The built-in Policy-Based firewall prevents many well-known hacker attacks including SYN attack, ICMP flood, UDP flood, Ping of Death, and etc. The access control function specifies WAN or LAN users to use authenticated network services only on specified time.

• QoS: Network packets can be classified based on IP address, IP subnet and TCP/UDP port number and offer guarantee of maximum bandwidth with three levels of priority.

• User Authentication:
Web-Based authentication allows users to be authenticated by web browser. User database can be configured on CS-2001 and it also supports the authenticated database through external RADIUS, POP3 and LDAP server.

• WAN Backup:
The CS-2001 can monitor each WAN link status and automatically activate backup links when a failure is detected. The detection is based on the configurable target Internet address.

• Outbound Load Balancing:
The network sessions are assigned based on the user configurable load balancing modes including "Auto", "Round-Robin", "By Traffic", "By Session" and "By Packet". Users can also configure IP or TCP/UDP type of traffic and assign which one of the two WAN ports for connection.

• Inbound Load Balancing:
The CS-2001 provides the Inbound Load Balancing for enterprises internal server. The Inbound Load Balancing can reduce the server loading and system crash risks in order to improve the server working efficiency.

• Multiple NAT:
Multiple NAT allows local ports to be set in multiple subnets and connect to the Internet through different WAN IP addresses.

the CS-2001 provides IEEE 802.1Q Tagged VLAN and the VLAN groups which allows administrator to install the network flexibly.

• High Availability:
The CS-2001 provides the High Availability function and the redundant system to keep the network traffic active when the device crash down.

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