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Avision will showcase Intelligent Copier and Compact A3/A4 MFPs for Personals, SOHOs, SMBs, Enterprises, Banks and Governments

Avision Inc., founded in 1991, is the world’s leading provider of image processing equipment and digital office solution with ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO-13485 certifications. Avision designs, manufactures, and markets a complete range of quality, high performance scanners and key components for multi-function products. Through innovative product development, strategic partnerships and successful business models, Avision has become a leading supplier in the scanner industry and one third scanners on the market are manufactured by Avision.

Avision is going to launch latest A3/A4 black & white laser printer/copier series and an AM7850i Intelligent copier solution for business at COMPUTEX 2016. Avision dedicates themselves to the development of image processing technologies and the customization service to meet customer’s Mobile Scanner and Multi-Function Peripheral.

Avision to showcase Android-Based “AM7850i Intelligent Copier” with smart copy features and remote administrative management tool for business platform integration

Based on an Android OS, the intelligent copier – AM7850i provides a patent pending “Drop N Take” feature and a secure access and privileges control tool. For business integration platform, a remote administrative management tool can be added to manage a designated copier to help business effectively reduce its running cost.

“AM7850i Intelligent copier”, Avision unveils a copier smarter than you can imagine. With a fast printing speed of up to 50 pages per minute and an Android based operating system, the new copier offers an unprecedented way to make copy without pressing any button. The intelligent way allows users to complete perfect copy without worrying the orientation and the side(s) of document to be copied. The copier can even automatically detect if your original is single-sided or two-sided.

Avision has the office-critical features of large departmental MFPs and packed them into this ultra-productive A3-size printer. It seamlessly integrates copy, print, scan, E-mail and fax functionality. All these features are operated through a clear and large 8” LCD touch screen to simplify work for busy offices with high-volume of document distribution. What is best, with the intelligent “Drop N Take” and “ID card authentication” features, your copy job can be done easily and securely.

Avision to present A4 black & white laser printer/copier AP30 series

To simplify the operation procedure and save the running cost, Avision introduces the compact, stylish black and white A4 printer and MFP series – the AP30 Series. The AP30 series can even support mobile printing through Mopria Print Service on Android-based mobile devices. With a fast printing speed of up to 30 pages per minute, a standard high-yield 3,000 pages toner cartridge, and 10-page manual tray for printing envelopes, labels, or thick paper, the AP30 series are the perfect fits for home office or small business.

In addition, an A4 printer for ID card will also be demonstrated to deliver fast ID card copy without connecting it to a computer to speed up your service workflow.

Avision Provides Documenting Synergy MFP from Size A4 to A3 for All Types of Business Environments

The copier, printer, scanner, and fax machine – all are essential office equipment. Each takes up more precious office space than the last. Each requires its own set up and maintenance, all independent of each other. Not to mention getting them all to work together seamlessly is essentially a nightmare even the experienced are reluctant to face.

Enter Avision's Multi-Function Peripheral (MFP), our all-in-one solution for workgroups. Avision's MFP can streamline all your document related workloads with a single compact device, while achieving top-notch quality in every aspect. Copy, print, scan and fax with ease and hassle-free!

Avision’s A3 size Multi-Function Printers including AM7620 / AM7625 / AM7630 / AM7635 are designed for enterprises, banks, governments that need to print A3 size papers or to digitized A3-size documents.

For branch offices, SMBs, and SOHOs, Avision’s A4 size Multi-Function Printer including AP30 series are best MFPs for their daily office usage. Each MFPs can be connected via wire or wireless. For mobile business and cloud computing, you are able to print documents stored on the cloud or at smart phones via Mopria Print Service on Android-based mobile devices.

Avision MFPs provides incredible versatility to meet the demands of all your office needs, yet operation is kept simple and straightforward. Maximize the productivity of your business with Avision's MFP.

Avision Delivers Network Scanners for Mobile Scanning and Batch Scanning

For mobile works, document scanning is an important job for business data retention. Avison delivers AN230W / AN240W network scanners for mobile scanning. The AN240W is a 40 page-per-minute version better than AN230W. With simply one button, the AN240W improves your business efficiency by scanning and sending the document to various destinations including e-mail, cloud servers, a shared folder (CIFS), a FTP server, and a USB flash drive. Plus, with the wireless networking capability, the AN240W offers mobile scanning through Avision’s App.

The AN230W is a 30 page-per-minute, duplex scanner that is fast, reliable, and affordable for business where scanning plastic ID cards, business cards, documents or other heavy card stock is necessary. With wired and wireless networking capabilities, the AN230W offers network scanning to e-mails, a shared folder (CIFS) and a FTP server, as well as mobile scanning through Avision’s App.

For portable batches scanning environment, Avision AD215 series are best solutions. At 11.8 inches long and weighting only 1400 grams, the AD215 series incorporate a built-in 20 pages automatic document feeder (ADF) and card scanner in a compact unit. With the innovative design of fordable ADF and front tray, the AD215 series are easy to travel with and lets you bring productivity of batches scanning to any workplace. The superior performance has won the recognition of the “2016 Computex d & i (design & innovation)” award.

Full Range MFP from A4 to A3 for Business Professionals will be showcased at Avision’s booth B0910

Beginning from 2016, Avision introduced a full range of MFP by providing printing size from A4 to A3, printing speed from 20 ppm to 50 ppm, and expanding customer base from personal users, SOHO users, to small and medium-sized business. As the first developer and manufacturer of copier engine in Taiwan, Avision expects to work with more strategic partners on a win-win situation. As long as you are interested in promotion and integration of our products, we warmly welcome your visit to create new business opportunities.

An array of Avision’s latest innovations, hot-selling products, and special offers will be presented at Avision’s booth B0910 in COMPUTEX 2016. Avision will also provide technical consultation and customized service at the site. Business professionals are welcome to visit Avision’ booth during May 31 to June 3. For further information, please contact us or visit Avision’s official web site at www.avision.com

Contact Information:
Company: Avision Inc.
Address: No. 20, Creation Rd. 1, Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan 300, R.O.C.
Tel. #: +886-3-578-2388 ext 8934 Avision Sales Team
Location: Avision’s Booth B0910, TWTC Hall 1


Publish Date :2016/05/26