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•  Experts were gathered from fields including dermatology, skincare and aesthetic medicine and their expertise and analysis technology were conbined to develop this product and offer a comprehensive and professional skin care consultant.
•  The world’s first smart mirror for beauty and health management; this product integrates functions like skin analysis, body management, and makeup aids.
•  Marketable and storytelling design: offers a brand new and unique mirror skin analyzer for the beauty market.
•  A product full of uniqueness: the hardware integrated with skin analysis engine for recording the software development is an helpful strategy to create an interactive App and extend the product life cycle.
•  Checks the change of skin and offers exclusive skin care advice based on the result of daily tracking and analysis.

This is an efficient and multi-functional mirror, the world's first personal beauty and health consultant providing a revolutionary approach to daily beauty. HiMirror integrates skin analysis, makeup assistance, and body-type analysis, and offer in-depth, personalized analysis based on the evolving condition of a user's skin and body.

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