The Winners Golden Award

FLUX Delta+

•  FLUX Delta+ has unique special toolhead interchangeable design to makes the integration of digital fabrication tools possible。
•  The product can support multifunctions including 3D printing, carving, cutting, scanning and drawing.  It also provides SDK tool for easy programming.
•  The product has been shipped to 64 different countries and has good reviews.
•  It is a general purposes 3D printing device:  suibtable for digital crafting in education, design, engineering, and daily life.

Starting with 3D printing, FLUX Delta+ integrates various digital fabrication methods, taking creation to a whole new level. FLUX Delta+ can do not only 3D printing but laser engraving, vinyl cutting, digital drawing and 3D scanning. FLUX SDK even let your ideas fly wildly without limits.

Flux Technology Inc.