The Winners Golden Award

AORUS Gaming Motherboard Z270X-Gaming 9

•  GIGABYTE create motherboards from the perspective of the consumer, differing from the conventional thinking of the industry. It indeeds can value-up the industry.
•  More than 9 exclusive designs and 12 technology patents;7 Onboard LEDs controlled by the system BIOS indicate if a malfunction is occurring. 
•  Unique Support for M.2 / U.2 3 Disk RAID Array and Patented Single-Piece Stainless Steel Double Locking Bracket 
•  GIGABYTE high end motherboards have good record that the sales of with tens of thousands of units sold at first week. Market sales are up to NT $300 million.

This is the ultimate gaming motherboard with the absolute best in audio, RGB lighting, connectivity and liquid cooling support. The “G-Frost” Hybrid Water Block which graces the VRMs of the motherboard was designed in cooperation with EK Water Blocks. RGB Fusion software gives users full control over 6 light zones.