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Mobile Inspection Assistant

•  An all-in-one device that includes the functions of cell phone, walkie-talkie and thermal imager to drive paperless applications.
•  High durability: all components and materials can be recycled at maintenance points to decrease the environmental burden generated from each production.
•  Shatterproof and highly secure: users can utilize this product efficiently.
•  Potential of developing a rental business model that facilitates future recovery.
•  Comes with extended functions including distance measurement and the potentiality of worldwide distribution.

The world's first handheld device integrated with a thermal imager, push-to-talk radio, smartphone, and professional camera. It is a powerful handheld device with not only rich wireless communication, but also multi-data collectivity, applied to field inspections, such as a substation, metallurgy, transportation, and construction.

AMobile Intelligent Corp