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SHAFE talk Pro

•  The emergence of IP-based voice service is an inevitable trend; however, the quality and stability of landlines make it still essential in the short-term. SHAFE talk Pro, a device utilizing the calling path from landlines as well as featuring the benefit of a boundless network, should improve the value of the landline. At the current stage, this product can be very helpful for small and medium-sized enterprises and business travelers.
•  Users can use a landline on their smartphones through the home phone service available on the phone once they connect to the internet. Since a smartphone can provide various functions through apps, the value-added landline can easily become a  service with a fraud phone filter. It is expected that landlines will turn into smart landlines and generate more applications.

SHAFE talk Pro is a landline router, sharing landline to your mobile phone. 
You can dial out or answer landline call on your mobile phone, no matter where you are.