The Winners Jury's Special

Telematics Solution for Commercial Vehicles

•  Micro-Star International telematics product provides all-in-one telematics solution, integrated with fleet management, driving safety, cargo monitoring and multimedia. It supports Real-time vehicle information and event notification to fleet managers and remote driver and cargo monitoring to ensure safety. 
•  It seamlessly integrates with the leading brand of ADAS.
•  MSI/FUNTORO is now working together with several major car manufacturers.

•  Real-time vehicle info. to driver and fleet managers.
•  Two-way communication between driver and fleet center.
•  Remote driver and cargo monitoring.
•  Fleet operation efficiency report by dashboard.
•  Driver performance report and ranking system.
•  Online fleet management by PC and mobile devices.
•  Independent operation for driver and passenger zone.
•  Seamlessly integrated with ADAS system.

Micro-Star International