AptObject’s integrated crossover technologies to develop energy saving cloud services and applications

AptObject Corporation was established in 2000AD with core business of development and integration of hardware and software systems to provide customers cost effective and accessible solutions that improve operational process and reduce cost to magnify the performance. Due to the most of employees’ background related to EE and ICT fields, AptObject observed the energy saving feature is the future trend of cloud management. Therefore, the company started to research and develop integrated wireless sensor detecting network and cloud applications from the year of 2008 and completed in 2010AD for promotion and marketing purposes.

AptObject’s AptBee Energy and Security Management System Cloud Service to crossover different systems
During the exhibition of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013, AptObject will showcase the self-developed AptBee Energy and Security Management System Cloud Service in Cloud Computing Pavilion of

AptBee system supports different wired or wireless sensors and devices. The system is also available for different communication interfaces so that users may observe and control the device connected to AptBee system in a unified interface.
COMPUTREND Area. The system integrates wireless sensor device, monitoring and ICT technologies adapted in residential, commercial and industrial energy saving and safety security management. The main purpose is to help clients reach the goal of energy conservation and carbon reduction and to sustain safe and secured life and working environment.

Since system integration and crossover has been the trend of cloud services, AptObject’ solution is also selected in Taiwan Cloud Expo organized by Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).  AptObject will work with other selected enterprises to exhibit applicable scenario for international buyers to experience the advantage and convenience of integrated system applications.

Varied sensor devices, AptBee Energy and Security Management System Cloud Service to monitor the real-time environmental
AptBee Energy and Security Management System integrates wireless sensor network and cloud computing system enabling different wireless sensor devices to retrieve the data

AptBee Energy and Security Management System Cloud Service can retrieve the sensing data of temperature and humidity, air quality and power consumption.
of temperature, humidity, air quality, power consumption and so on. Through wireless network and smart computing, the data can be processed and transferred to cloud computing system for users or the devices to receive the feedback of possible reaction.

Meeting diverse security requirements, AptObject also introduce AptBee Devices including carbon dioxide sensor device, temperature and humidity sensor device, magnetic sensor device, electric power meter and switch, carbon monoxide sensor device and flashlight and siren alarm device. Depending on the applications, the gateways are also available to deliver the related data back to cloud computing service for instant monitoring and control.

Wide-range applications to ensure the recovery of implementation cost in two years
It is noted that AptBee Energy and Security Management System Cloud Service and wireless sensor device has been installed is a number of Taiwan research agencies to research and develop smart applications and systems applied in the fields of power monitoring, environment detecting and agriculture planting. In addition, AptBee system can be further developed and integrated for renewable energy management based on existing system in order to improve entire system performance and practicability with the funding from the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (IDB, MOEA).

Responding to different clients’ requirements, AptObject can employ AptBee cloud service or procure sensors adapted with client’s cloud service upon clients’ requests. In general, the implement cost can be recovered in two years depending on different fields and industries.

Service providers and system integrators to be the sales targets
AptObject has worked with enterprise clients or government agencies from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and the United States and participated the process of design, development, installation and maintenance of software and hardware. The business partners and clients will majorly be overseas service providers and system integrators. Lately, AptObject continues creating buyers in Northern America, Japan, Europe and South Africa.

In terms of cooperation with large-sized enterprises, the company is accepted by an international enterprise that has offices and warehouses worldwide to do the testing of AptBee Energy and Security Management System in assigned locations. After the testing has been approved, the enterprise may implement AptBee system in its global locations.

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Publish Date :2013/05/31