BungBungame’s Debut Participation at Computex The Ultimate Tablet KALOS to Take Asia-Paficic Market

Taipei, Taiwan (June 4, 2013)–BungBungame Inc. launched the first tablet in 2012 to step into the hardware industry. Last September, it released the second tablet powered by Android to enter the international market and become a new force in the tablet market. This year at Computex, BungBungame introduces the ultimate tablet with the technological, performance and resolution breakthroughs to catch the eye of global consumers (June 4 – 8, NangangHall / Booth # L1318).

The new tablet KALOS adopts 10.1” Sharp IGZO panel with ultra-high 2560×1600 resolution, built-in SONY 13MP camera, latest NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor and Android 4.2 OS. The fast and smooth processing performance and crystal clear images are just stunning.

“Releasing three tablets within two years of stepping into the hardware market means a lot to BungBungame. In addition to showing our innovation and R&D capabilities, introducing the new tablet KALOS at our Computex debut will show our integration capabilities from Taiwan to the world and create more business opportunities overseas.” said BungBungame CEO Santai Hsu. “We keep challenging ourselves with innovative ideas to meet market demand and offer the most sophisticated customized products. Enhancing our local brand value in Taiwan is the core of our enterprise development. On top of that, we also develop overseas market and sales channels actively. In order to gain in-depth understanding of market and customer needs, we established Japanese subsidiary earlier this year. We are ready to move towards a new milestone–to make BungBungame a successful global brand.”

BungBungame Shows Innovation and R&D Capabilities from Software to Hardware
BungBungame will demonstrate the new tablet KALOS at Computex. The highest-quality high-performance tablet features Sharp IGZO based IPS panel. Surpassing Full HD, the 2560×1600 WQXGA high resolution ultra-wide-angel panel makes videos and photos look crystal clear and stunning. The advanced panel also uses True RGB color model to make colors look more natural and produce a brighter and sharper overall image. KALOS carries the latest NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor and sets a new world standard for performance and processing speed. It supports 4K ultra high definition video output and offers smooth and delicate entertainment experience for playing high quality videos and 3D games.

KALOS is powered by Android 4.2 OS and supports Miracast wireless display. Sharing the video played on KALOS screen with the HDTV in real-time is so easy via Wi-Fi. KALOS also supports MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) technology to effectively increase Wi-Fi range and transmission efficiency. Besides, KALOS integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) to support Google Wallet.

On top of that, BungBungame has launched more than 100 apps and will show its software innovation capabilities by demonstrating new apps at Computex. Visitors are more than welcome to experience BungBungame’s deep integration capabilities.

Contact Information:
Company: BungBungame Inc.
Address: Rm. 511, 5F., No.19-13-E, Sanchong Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115, Taiwan
Tel. #: +886 2655 0667
Location: Nangang Hall, 4F, Computers & Systems Area
Booth No.: L1318

Publish Date :2013/06/05