AIM introduces new products that using USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth transmission of audio from smart devices

 There many chances after the entry of smart devices namely tablets and smartphones, which that many consumers including PC users are shifting to use these smart devices. There are things still can be used, but with little bit of creativeness and know-how in certain technologies can add value or services to its existing products.

 Mr. Sharming Lin, the CEO of AIM Inc. (formerly known as Formosa21 Inc.) said that the company is very experience and centralized in PC and notebook-oriented hardware manufacturers. Lin said: "The company needs to explore many new things as the consumers' choices are also changing." One of the most common today's consumer is love for music, as they will keep their audio files in their smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. Lin noted that these smart devices can be limited if they want to share to family members at home, but can be explore.

 "Two things are common from these smart devices are the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the AIM spent some time to study these technologies and finally make several new products," said by Lin. And knowing the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), the hardware can be modified as the connection through wireless technology can be achieved easily, enable sharing of digital media between multimedia devices.

The first product is the DLNA Render Module by which AIM Inc. is one of the pioneer Taiwanese companies that expert in audio by using USB port. "Though Wi-Fi, now the MP3 songs can be transmitted to a speaker system in other room, whether the speakers were placed in the first floor or other floors, and it is much unlimited as more family members to shared with."

Connection between smart devices with electronic/electrical appliances
 Lin is a motivator who always encourage its staff to continue to find products in niche market and they found out today's people are will use their smart devices to control some devices/appliances in home or work if there is a "bridge" to interconnect between two different items.

 Mr. Tsai Yu-Fen (left insert), product manager said the company has ingeniously developed a small Bluetooth Module, which can be attached to the device/appliance and control by either tablet or smartphone through Apps. Lin pointed out that he was approached by system integrator and hoping his company can help them to build a small module.

 One of the devices they used was a radio control car toy. Initially, Tsai said: "They need to know the specific wiring of the hand-held RC toy transmitter and hard wired the Bluetooth Module into the system, so the motion would be determine." Refer to the image on right as Tsai is trying to control the air "fish" balloon. The motions of toy car are forward / reverse, left /right turn and Stop button.

Tsai said: "Through Bluetooth technology, and the connection of UART, now the smartphone can control the motion of the car toy." Moreover, AIM has a team to write Apps for Bluetooth Module, so than the user can control the toy car by the use of their smartphone (or tablet)."

Seamlessly, Lin said: "The applications of Bluetooth Module are vey enormous, they can apply to automatic garage door, or a cloth hanger or even remote control airplanes..." In deed, there are some many electronic devices and electrical appliances can be control with present smart devices.

Lin said: "As long the consumers aim their smart devices, all things can be controlled."

AIM unveils new products at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013
AIM Inc. will display new products such as DLNA Render Module, Bluetooth Module, HiFi Radio System, Mono Bluetooth Speaker (right image) and so forth. Interest oversea buyers are invited to visit AIM, which will discover more latest products await.

Contact Information
Company: AIM Inc. (formerly know as Formosa21 Inc.)
Contact Person: Tsai Yu-Fen
Location: Hall 1, 1F Peripherals & Accessories Area
Booth No.: B1027a

Publish Date :2013/06/06