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NCC receives 7 bidders for 4G licenses

 The National Communications Commission (NCC) has received 7 bidders for 4G licenses after deadline set on July 1st. NCC spokesperson Yu Hsiao-cheng said: "We are glad that these firms have come to bid for the frequency spectrum for 4G service, which means that they have faith in competing fairly in the nation's mobile telecommunication market and believe that it still has potential to grow."

 The bidders are Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, Far Eastone Telecommunications (FET), Asia Pacific Telecom, Ambit Microsystems Corp (backed by Hon Hai Precision), Star of Taiwan and Xin Xian Group., which their application will undergo preliminary review by three commissioners and eight independent experts from different fields, which expect to complete on August 15. It is likely NCC will issue 4~7 of 4G licenses to successful bidders.

 Obvious absentees are the
Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) operators such as Global Mobile and Vee Time Corp. as well as 3G service operator Vibo Telecom did not submit their applications even though they expressed interest before.

 Currently, Taiwan offers WiMAX as 4G after the government cooperated with Intel more than five years ago, which the government cooperated with Intel Corp., poured out huge amount of financial support to WiMAX development, allocated the 2.6 Ghz  band to six licenses to successful bidders, will soon expire on mid of 2014.

 In a twist of event, Intel withdrawn the WiMAX technological support few years ago, leaving Taiwan government, 6 WiMAX operators and along with Taiwanese manufacturers in limbo, facing problems such as
stagnant in product development, conversion technology, return of investments and limitation of business plan.

Minister without Portfolio Simon Chang said the government has met the WiMAX operators, and announced the WiMAX conversion policy. But this time, WiMAX operators are more conservative and careful.

Publish Date :2013/07/02