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Contract price of NAND Flash remains the same in H2: TrendForce

  TrendForce, a subsidiary of DRAMeXchange said the contract price of NAND flash remain the same in second half (H2) after rose in June as the demand increases gradually. Furhter analysis, the other manufacturers such as Samsung, SK Hynix and Toshiba are reported ramp-up their production output due to increase demand from the industries, such as smart devices, particularly the tablets and smartphones, and also in the storage sector including the Solid State Drive (DDS) makers as Intel and Micron are reported to increase supply of eMMC for the enterprise-class SSDs. TrendForce predicted an increase of 6.1 percent in the third quarter.

 On the PC side, TrendForce reported on the DRAM sector as the demand in the second quarter slowdown a bit. but the prices of DDR3 2Gb. DRAM increased by 10 percent in the Q2, or average spot price is around US$1.99, compared to first quarter. Moreover, market analysts predicted the DRAM prices will continue to increase in the H2, in which they are hoping the PC vendors will introduce new models to stir up the buying spree as peak season approaches.

Publish Date :2013/07/04