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TrendForce: Cost Comes First! Cost-Oriented OGS Attracts NB Brands

Despite of the freshness of touch NBs, the relatively high price has been the obstacle to lift the sales. WitsView, the display research division of the global market intelligence provider TrendForce, indicates that lowering prices will be the strategy core to promote touch NBs this year

Headline News

Gou says big adjustment for Hon Hai Precision

During the shareholder's meeting, CEO Terry Gou says the Hon Hai Precision will undergo big adjustment, which some business units will be retained while other subsidiaries will go its own


AIM introduces new products that using USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth transmission of audio from smart devices

Mr. Sharming Lin, the CEO of AIM Inc. (formerly known as Formosa21 Inc.) said that the company is very experience and centralized in PC and notebook-oriented hardware manufacturers. Many things chance after the entry of smart devices namely tablets and smartphones, which that many consumers including PC users are shifting to use these smart devices.